"These poems are stylistically unique, mostly short (often just a few lines) with an obvious stream-of-consciousness vibe to them, but what really makes them leap off the page is their underlying tenderness, their unabashed examination of the human condition that reminds me of those famous Chinese poets, Li Po and Tu Fu."

– Michael Meyerhofer, at Rattle 


“The poems of Edward Mullany are both seeing things and ‘seeing things.’ They are devices that help us help ourselves to all the mirages and illusions—and then some—that we know to be true.”

– Graham Foust, author of A Mouth in California

Figures for an Apocalypse (poetry & fiction)


“This is a book that treats its subjects with a distant kindness that can only be born of attention, where its subjects are both the apocalypse itself, and the chapter of our humanity it brings to a close.”

– Laura Eve Engel, at The Collagist


“Edward Mullany takes what appears to be banal and elevates it to what is tantamount to holy significance.”

– HTMLGiant


“I have never read a book like this before. It is special and sad and calm and engaging and sometimes boring in a pleasant, but real way, and it is nightmarishly imaginative." 

– Hannah Gamble


“Beautifully written and formally restless, the three novellas in Edward Mullany’s  The Three Sunrises resonate with Beckett and Kafka. And like all great works of art they are relentless in their investigation into the unknowable mysteries of existence and 'the darkness that exists within the light.'”

– Robert Kloss, author ofThe Alligators of Abraham and The Revelator