diary / by Edward Mullany


One thing that happens to you after you’ve fallen in love, if this love abides with you, whether the person does or not, so that the possibilities that had appeared in your mind when you and this person met have resolved themselves into one eventuality, and there no longer exists for you the question of whether, in the future, you’ll have the opportunity to see this person as often, or as nearly as often, as you’d like, since the answer will have made itself clear…yes, one thing that happens to you after you’ve gone through this falling in love, once the pain has subsided, if you and the person didn’t end up the way you’d hoped you would, or, if you did, once the happiness has ebbed, though not departed, is that upon you comes a resignation that isn’t unpleasant, but that ages you, even if you are young, so that the world, as you encounter it, no longer seems like a place inside of which you need to hurry, for what could there be to hurry toward?