diary / by Edward Mullany


It is said that John of Patmos, who is recognized as the author of the Book of Revelation, before he was banished to that island where he experienced the vision that I imagine he recorded, with ink, on parchment or a scroll of paper, though perhaps he used some other implement, or method of transcribing...yes, it is said that this John, before his exile to that place in the Aegean, though after the events in Jerusalem and in Galilee, so that he and the other apostles had begun their work as evangelists, which had already caused them to disperse, and find themselves far from the region where they were born…that this John, in what must have been intended as his execution, was plunged into boiling oil, inside the Colosseum, by the Roman authorities, under the Emperor Domitian, in response to his activities and his zeal, but came to no harm, the sight of which, once they’d had time to grasp it, brought the spectators to conversion, though they’d gone to the arena for the sake of entertainment.