diary / by Edward Mullany


Last night I watched a movie that is meant to be unsettling, and that was unsettling, or that anyway did unsettle me, although after I'd finished watching it, and had closed my laptop and had slid it away from me, so that I wouldn't roll over it in the night, while I slept, I thought about the movie for only a minute or two more before my mind began to wander, and I began to think of other things, like what time I would need to get up this morning, and what I was planning to do, and which persons I was expecting to see, or to hear from, and with regard to what pleasure or concern; although, after sleep had overcome me, and I was no longer engaged in conscious thought, the movie returned to me in a dream, though it was different than it had been when I'd watched it, although I did not realize it was different until I woke, and understood that I'd been dreaming.